Close up and clear pictures of ATP serve grips.

@J011yroger what you can do, and I did that a lot, if you by any chance have the tennistv app, they often zoom in at players at the warmup serve and you can take screen shots (or video) with an ipad and enlarge.

My conclusion by looking at a lot of players is that grips have variations from EBH (mostly 2nd kick serve) to EFH (flat serve) but most use some kind if continental. They all grip low at the racquet. Heel of the hand mostly outside the racquet like Fed, Djokovic have one of the highest grip on the racquet.

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Pretty much E BH, but he's probably serving the 2nd serve kicker.

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Few years ago he served all his serves with plenty of spin using that grip, no “flat” heaters. Didn’t focus on what he’s been using recently though...