Clubs are too expensive.


I realize that it costs a lot to maintain indoor courts and that there aren't as many people joining clubs as there used to be. All the same, I feel the cost is just too much. The lowest cost club in my area is $60 a month plus a $100 initiation fee. And of course, on top of that you still have to pay the $10 or $12 each hour you use the court.

Almost all of the clubs I've been to consist of mostly men and women over 40 in their membership base, because they have enough disposable income to pay the fees.

Anyway, there's nothing I can do about it. I just wondered if anyone here is feeling my pain.


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Where are you located? I have the exact same situation here and they charge so much because it's not just a tennis club but a gym as well. But mate, tennis itself is an expensive sport!


I'm in Colorado Springs. They have the same deal at all the clubs here. They put in a swimming pool and some cable weight machines that no one ever uses and charge more. But I bet they wouldn't charge much less without them.


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The club i play at charges $200 a year for a tennis membership. The first year they minus $100 dollars, but every year afterwards it stays at $200. Its not too bad, now that the weather is getting nicer ill be hitting on public courts more often.
Our club, which also has a gym so it's more expensive, in NorCal charges 69.99 a month plus 149.99 initiation. We were members there until they removed 4 tennis courts to get more parking places for the gym users, which really pissed me off. Now there are only 6 courts and all the old ladies use them up until the afternoon. So we got rid of our membership in retaliation.


For me it is 65 bucks the entire season since I am a junior. I mainly use it for discounted lessons, I rarely play there, rather sneak into the rich club that doesn't check ids.


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Clubs are expensive - I pay 141 and month...But I never have kids skate boarding, rollar blading or idiots hitting balls into my courts. Courts are cleaned, in great condition. Ice cold water on all the courts, nets don't have holes and the lights all work. Public courts in some towns are terrible - I am lucky, my 3 boys play and the wife plays...We get are moneys worth...


I pay $100 per month plus a $40 per month food minimum for my wife and me. For this we get unlimited use of 7 clay courts and 3 hard courts. No indoor courts. It is worth it to us. The tennis shop has a full staff, courts are swept and cleaned and there is water at each court.

Private clubs are a business that has to make a profit. They are not there to address the tennis needs of society as a whole. It is business, Mike, not personal. Our club has players ranging in age from 25 to 85 and a great junior program. It is one of 6-7 private clubs in the immediate area. All barely break even. So, the member costs are not too high. Actually, they are probably too low. They are very expensivew to build and maintain. If you can do it cheaper, give it a fling.

As info, I believe I have read that no comparable generation in history has ever had as much disposable income as the 16 to 25 year olds today. True, most come from Mom and Dad. But it a lot of it depends on how you choose to spend what you have. Surely tennis is not as expensive as golf, which I gave up.


Wow, y'all have made me feel kinda guilty about griping about having to occasionally pay $3 to play on our public courts! They're fairly well-maintained, in the summer they have staff on hand to sell water, sports drinks, etc. But for the most part, like right now and since October, you just walk on the court, no charge. City and county taxes take care of most of the cost of maintenance.