Coaches Hot Seat


Isnt @parsabombs the better source at least for transfers? This guy may post more of the MM transfers, but Parsa seemed to be the first to post the big name transfers.

I do find some of his teams to watch laughable-is a team that went 4-18 last year in D1 worth keeping an eye on? Even if the team triples its wins, it would still have a losing season. Plus the team is 3rd from the bottom in its conference in current UTR Power Rankings.
I think the kid has talked to Parsa potentially and seems to get some info from them. It seems as though the majority of teams he picks seems to be teams that he knows players on in some capacity. He's drumming up some different style content for sure. It's a different view point
For the men I'll say

Matt Anger Washington - Finished 66 last year, hasn't made Sweet 16 since '06, women's coach fired in May for similar results.

David Roditi TCU - 4th year, only 1 NCAA appearance.


Nicole Kinneally Colorado - no NCAAs since '07. 2-29 in conference last three years.

Jeff Wyshner Wake Forest - 24-66 record in 4 seasons. 5-44 in ACC while Tony Bresky does well with the men.

Daryl Greenan - 5-55 in four years in the SEC. 9 total wins or less each year while mens team does very well.
Here it is