Coaching+Barricade IV= Good?


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Hey guys, I'll be on the tennis courts for the greater part of the summer standing up and running. I was wondering if the Barricade IV's are easy on the knees and back(hard courts). I'm currently wearing the SHT-305's,but they're ripped now,they were very good on the knees but I currently need some new shoes and the barricades always intrigued me.

So with all the Barricade experts on these boards and fellow coaches, can someone help me?



yea they're great on all courts though they require about a day or two of break in i loved them so much that i bought a 2nd pair 3 days later trust me you won't be sorry despite the beef about the weight you won't even notice it...if you don't want those get babolat propulse those are pretty great shoes as well
I coach part time for at least 10hrs per week, and use BIV's, and have never had any problems with them. Excellent shoes, and very comfortable.


Big fan of BIVs, BUT... you sure you want them for teaching? They're a great playing shoe but I wouldn't use them again for coaching (BTW, I teach on hard courts appox 25 hrs/wk with live ball feeds).

I've tried other so-called lightweight and well-ventilated shoes (Feathers, CC Booms, etc) but the soles didn't last.

I went back to my brand new BIIIs and could kick myself for wearing those nice shoes for coaching. What a waste.

My suggestion? Tirands. BIV uppers with a slightly less dependable sole but at nearly half the price. Keep your Barricades in the bag should you decide to actually play.