Coaching comments videos: "who'd be a coach?"


The commentator ends this clip by saying "who'd be a coach" :)

Muguruza is NOT playing high balls today.
She dismisses coaches advice. Promptly loses.



As I said before, coaching on-court during a match is more of making sure your guy/girl doesn’t fall off a cliff and lose focus if they’re down. You will hear coaches say simple things to the players and to the casual viewer they’d say watching DUHHH. But to the player under stress and dealing with the adversity sometimes mentally they’re spiraling out of control they don’t see these small tactical adjustments.

Sometimes the players just need someone to vent to, and the coach is the one taking the verbal abuse. But during practice generally players are not this high strung and intense. Practice is their chance to sulk in the information and knowledge and practice tactics. During a match its less about sulking information and more about going over the game plan again and executing.


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Both Gabby and Alona are the worst when it comes to player/coach interactions. It's like watching a car wreck with these players. That said, I like 'em both. haha.