I have my first full day of coaching tomorrow with classes of ages between 8-15...anyone got any good ideas or good tips for games/drills/exercises?


Try posting in the 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' section of these boards. There are many knowledgable people willing to help you there. I'll try to share a few things I remember from previous coaching like this over there also. I'll see you there. :)


i start my clinics out with a simple 2ppl in, two forhand, two backhand then rotate drill. the key is to get then hitting balls. they pay to play tennis not to hear u talk or strech.

do a few drills, play a few games. too much of one thing or another will bore them.

if ur nervous u have to hide it, those kids will eat u alive :)

even if u pick a bad drill/game, stick with it til the basket is empty. changing the drill quickly after u called it makes u look bad. if u get really desperate do an overhead drill, kids luv that.