Coco Vandeweghe Serve

If anyone saw her match against Jankovic, did you notice how on her first serve she would slide her back foot even with the front, but on the second serve would keep both feet stationary?

I've never seen anyone do two different styles like this on first and second serves.


Yes I noticed this as well. I got into the habit of doing this type of thing on first and second serve. But then its hard to disguise what serve you're going to hit, that's why most pros don't do it.


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I think I strung Coco's racquet back in January. She wasn't using an RQiS 1 Tour back then...


More importantly a 16yr old girl is hitting 114mph first serves??

Put into perspective: Sharapova's fastest serve at a slam is 116mph (at USO 06 which she won).

Best American prospect so far. Serve motion is good and will only get better. Groundies are already big. More experience and matchplay and she can easily be top 20 in a couple years.


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She has all the tools, but obviously nerves got to her in that match against a top player.

The serve motion is great, she is a big, but fit, girl. At the end, Jankovic said that she hits the ball as hard as anyone on the tour.


Am I crazy but was she wearing men's shoes?

Many women with Giant feet go to Men's shoe. Anyway, 2 diff serve motion is goofy. It just means she wasn't coached well. she will have to work on that. she will lose her consistantcy if she is under pressure.


I thought her movement was decent. Remember, she's 5' 10". When she's got time to set up for a short ball, I saw her repeatedly make those nice small adjustment steps. What she needs is better anticipation and court sense.

As for her serve, her first serve reminds me of Richard Krajicek. Her second's got lots of kick, but she tosses the ball way to the left. If she can center her toss more and still get the kick going, she'll be hard to break.....assuming she'll get the rest of her hold game going.

Just like any new pro, she's gotta rely less on her opponents giving points away and learn to get some patience and learn which shots to go for and which ones to lay back on to get some games under her belt.

I was a little disappointed in her forehand. I knew already that she had a big serve - saw her play some juniors.

The forehand really stunk - that big over the head wind up is going to give her problems.

I just don't know - overall - I thought she was just OK now, but like you all say - the potential is there and she has Davenports old coach, USTA, IMG, and family money behind her so even though shes not a child prodigy - I guess she'll probably come in to her own around 19 or 20.

But she really needs to get those feet moving - she was really flat footed - maybe nerves though.