College sponsoring


My d-3 college has a deal with wilson to get a "college players pack" that includes 3 rackets, a bag, string, and some other crap for about 350. I asked my coach to call wilson about it for me and they said they dont have the p85 available, but they'd be willing to do it for the k-six one tour 90. since i'm a ps85 loyalist i need me some cheap ps 85s. was wilson just yanking my coach's chain? is there any way of getting a cheaper ps 85 if you're a college player?


You can buy some barely-used 6.0 85 frames online. Didn't the newest 6.0 85 frames here have some quality issues anyway? Me, I would get three K90 frames for a great price. If you don't like them, I'm sure some 6.0 85 users would be more than happy to trade. Did you see the reviews here? A lot of people are writing that the K90 is close in feel to the 6.0 85 but bigger. Bottom line, the extra 5in² will come in handy in a lot of situations for you. In this case, I think Wilson is trying to do everyone a favor.