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    My son is in the process of finding a college tennis team to play for next year. He was asked to provide some live game footage (unedited) of an actual match a coaching staff could use in his assessment. I shot some video at a tournament last weekend and here are the links to one of the games. I created a version with time removed between serves (length 2:15) and a version with the unedited game (length 4:07).

    I am trying to decide the best approach to creating the final product. I think I just want to use games where my son is on the near side of the court. You can see him better but it is just the rear view.

    I was planning to create several clips with one clip for each game. I could make some of him serving and some of him returning. This is good in that the coach can look at each aspect of this game but bad in the sense that he has to select different clips as opposed to just watching one composite video.

    Any advice? Rear view only? Multiple clips or single? Total amount of time?

    I don’t know how long a coach is going to spend looking at video. My guess is he needs to see something pretty quickly that peeks his interest or it is over. After that he might want to see more …. 10 minutes? 20 minutes?

    Thanks for the feedback (Time between serves removed) (Same video as above) (full length) (Same video as above)
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    My 2 cents - Definitely do not edit any more than what you did in the first video. I think editing out the time in between points is beneficial, so long as the video doesn't come across as overly edited. I think it needs to be a single video so the coach doesn't have to open multiple files, and for video length probably 5-10 minutes is best, definitely no longer than 15 minutes.

    What I did for my video was pick a span of 3 games where I start off serving in the near court, and then return and serve in the far court. That worked for me because I have a bigger serve and a weaker return so I wanted the coach to see both my serve close to the camera and coming towards the camera and I wanted my returns as out of focus as possible :).

    It doesn't look like you are doing this but definitely do not send a hitting video that just show his strokes. Coaches don't care how pretty he hits the ball, they care about what the results of the shots are. Do not edit out points he loses, because coaches have literally told me that they have passed over many kids because 10 minutes into the video the kid still hasn't lost a point. And also a wide camera angle is helpful as the coach wants to see as much of the court as possible.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    Watched the first.
    Viewpoint is excellent, showing where the shots go, both players, and arch of the ball.
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    Just wondering if you need to post something in the beginning.
    Title page?

    Name, email, graduation class.
    Maybe, he speaks for a minute in the beginning.
    His goals, played in Europe, etc..

    Very nice player btw.
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    I just spoke with a college coach about videos and he said he likes when the player does a quick intro of themselves at the start of the video. He said he gets a feel for the player's personality. He said he gets a lot of vids of players who can hit the ball well so sometimes something other than just playing can make someone stand out. Something as simple as 'Hi, my name is ____. I'm from _____. I'm interested in playing collegiate tennis. Here is a video showing me playing in ______ tournament. Thank you of your consideration.' If he's a good student add that in (and smile).
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    Is the place of this video happen to be in Oahu, Hawai'i? Specifically CORP?

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