Collegetennisranks list of ATP players in top 1000 with college play-18%


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Here is the link with 176 players in ATP order 31 current college players are ranked in the top 1000; only two are in top 500 Brooksby at 268 and Jubb at 495 but there are 6 guys 500-600 and another 6 600-700. Schools with the most current players in ATP 1000 (they all have at least 10 ATP points): Ohio State with 4, Illinois with 3 and Baylor, Florida, UNC, South Carolina, TCU, USC, and UCLA with 2 each. Now if the criteria was having just one ATP point, some of these schools would probably have 5+ current players. The universities with the most players with ATP points also host multiple Challengers and/or futures-making it easier for multiple players to earn significant ATP points.

48 players with college links are in the top 400-12%. This number should continue to rise.
Colleges with at least 5 current/former players on current top 1000 ATP singles list (if players transferred, I used last place played): UCLA 11, Ohio State 9, USC 8, Virginia 8, Illinois 7, Wake Forest 6, TCU 6, Texas A&M 5, Florida 5, Baylor 5, Kentucky 5.


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Do you know what the stats were 10 and 20 years ago? In terms of % players in top 1k, 400 etc

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