Combine the ATP & WTA? Player Relief for the Tour? Luisa Stefani and Quinn Gleason Talk All Things Tennis!

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They have spent some of their career playing doubles together; they were both top college tennis players; they both are super talented and hard workers on and off the court. Luisa Stefani and Quinn Gleason chat about all things tennis, including how they met and how they choose where to focus their career, whether it is as a singles or doubles specialist. I also ask them about their thoughts on the current hot topics as well:
- Should the ATP and WTA combine?
- Should there be financial support for players outside of the top 100?
- How to become a singles or doubles specialists
- How to become more involved with the political side of the tour
And so much more!
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Sadly the WTA just cannot command the crowds that the ATP does. There could be any number of reasons, but nobody will like them because at the end of the day, paying spectators, in much larger numbers, prefer to watch men play tennis rather than women. Not all, and not every - just more of them. Sorry. But to consider combing the WTA and the ATP is so lame-brained that it is hard to comprehend. The only place the WTA can fill a large ( I said large) stadium is at one of the majors between men's matches -- which is what the spectators came to see. I do not see what the ATP has to gain (other than appeasing their oh-so-guilty-feeling conscience ) by sharing the stage (and you can bet sharing the payday) with their curvier counterparts. (makes you nuts that I said curvier, doesn't it?). This is recreation - I'm kind of feeling it should have a voluntary aspect to who we watch. I think I want to watch who I want to watch... not who you SAY I should want to watch because it's fair that way...

Let the men have their stinky, hairy, masculine events and the women have their own events and let the spectators choose who they want to watch. What is so unfair about that?