Commiserations to Nadal Fans, Congrats Djokovic Fans.


(If this violates the spoiling rules please move this into the Pro-Results section but I'm convinced many will know the result regardless)

I don't really pull for either Federer/Djokovic or Nadal but I wanted Nadal to win his 2nd Aussie open as some 10th Anniversary moment but Djokovic was just too damn strong, the match felt very strange like Nadal was some first time slam finalist against the battle hardened number 1, Nadal was made to look slow, worn out and old completely contrary to his performances throughout the tournament. I believe in order for Nadal to win a slam outside of the French Open he needs Djokovic to get knocked out in the earlier rounds, that's how much there's a gulf between them now outside of Clay. This was the first final Nadal has never won a set, that's 14 years of slam finals.

Fear not, there are positives to take out of this. Nadal's first tournament back after the US Open, he reaches a final of a slam and improves on last years performance which gives him pointage, physically he looked 100% and from both wings he looked solid which is surely a positive sign when his annual Clay court massacre comes around. As for Djokovic, congratulations to his loyal fans who stuck with him after his dip in form/elbow injury in 2016/2017, he's now on 15 slams and if he wins the French he'd hold all four slams again like he did in 2016. So chill out, relax and look at the positives.