Compare 2001 PC and Yonex RDS 002 tour?


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Hello all, I was hoping that someone could compare the 2001 version of the Pure Control(66 RA, 330g unstrung) to the Yonex RDS 002 tour. I'm looking for a stick that can provide a comfortable heavy ball as well as a nice feel for touch volleys, etc. I recently started hitting with the Pure Control again after playing with several other sticks, I love the heavy ball I get from it, but I know the sticks I have are mostly dead and also miss some of the feel that is prevalent in other sticks. I'm not sure the newer Babolat racquets will compare. I am a 5.0+ who hits a heavy ball from both sides, S/W forehand, one hand backhand, comes to net quite often, mixes heavy kicks with harder slice serves. I use to really enjoy the Yonex RD tour, but was sponsored by Head at that time, so I never played with it all that much. The RDS 002 tour seems to fit the bill, but I wanted to get some input while I wait for the Demo. Thanks for anyones input. :grin: