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I tried out a pair of Adidas Barricade 2016 shoes (not the Boost ones) about a year ago and I burned through the outsole within a month, even though I used them only while playing tennis. They were pretty expensive compared to the ones I normally buy and use. Given that the Barricade line of shoes are among the most durable (I think they are supposed to last 6 months?), should I try my luck again and go for an expensive shoe, like maybe Nike Air Zoom Cage 3 or another Barricade? I really don't want to buy another expensive shoe and wear them out in a span almost equal to the cheaper ones.
It would help if someone had a concrete comparison - like if you have tried out both Air Zoom Cage 3 and Barricade to the point of wearing them, please do tell me about how long each of them lasted.

Jer Yu

Did you use the warranty? If so, you are theoretically getting 2 months out of your shoes. The barricade line will last the longest as they are just barricades. No need for explanation. If you did use the warranty, I suggest buying a pair of backup shoes. Anyways, you will have to calculate whether or not an expensive shoe is justified over a less expensive shoe. Looking at tennis warehouse right now, the barricades run for around $90. I am guessing your "cheap" shoes cost around $50. Tennis shoes for $50 are a pretty rare occurrence. So assuming your cheap shoes last around 3 weeks, since they are less durable than barricades, that would average out to around $2.38 for each shoe wear. If you use the Barricades, which will cost $90 for 2 months, then it would average to $1.5 per day. So the barricades were the better deal. I am guessing that you just did not use the warranty for some reason. Btw, the cage 3s are a hit or miss for most people. The cage 3 is an odd shoe due to the design and poor functionality.


Yeah that was going to be my question. I currently have 3 pairs of Nike Cage 3's in rotation, but I'm not a toe dragger so I imagine they'll last for quite awhile. The warranty that comes with the Nike Cage 3 is very reassuring if I ever needed it. Adidas offers the same for Barricades right? Why not take advantage of that? I wouldn't purchase cheaper shoes just to save money though. Getting one good pair of tennis shoes is far better than buying a cheap pair and going through them in a month or so. I like the Nike Cage 3's, but they do run small and take some time to break in. If you have owned a pair of Barricades before, I'd say get the latest version and use that warranty if you need it.

Side note, Nike does stand behind it's products. I sent back two different pairs of the Zoom Zeroes (the lace eyelet broke on each shoe) and they sent me a voucher for the full value each time. I used those vouchers for the Cage 3's.


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Actually, in India, the only warranty provided is foranifacturing defects and it does not cover outsole durability.
I'll give the actual figures here. I bought the barricades for around $100 (50% discount). So that translates to around $25 per week. In contrast, I bought an Adidas club shoe for around $30, which lasted for two weeks. So that would be around $15 per week.
I was thinking of the alternative where I buy from tennis warehouse, which provides warranty even overseas. But that adds shipping fees of around $43, so I'm a little hesitant.

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If you're wearing through barricades in 4 weeks there's not a shoe out there that's going to hold up over time. I am in the same boat. Stick to durability guaranteed shoes and try to get them on discount. I have the cage 3's and had multiple pairs of the 2015 and 16 barricades.