Comparing Frenchmen : Tsonga vs Gasquet / Monfils / Simon


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Tsonga :

Turned Pro : 2004
Current Ranking : 12
Career High : 5
Career Earnings : 14 million
Win-Loss : 319-147
Titles : 11-9(Includes 2 masters, 1 500 and 8 250's)
Best Major Performance : 1 Final, 3 SF and 1 QF
Performance against Big 3 : ( 5-11, 3-8 and 6-13)

Gasquet :

Turned Pro : 2002
Current Ranking : 25
Career High :7
Career Earnings : 11 million
Win-Loss : 387-229
Titles : 11-12 (All 250's)
Best Major Performance : 2 SF
Performance against Big 3 : ( 2-10, 0-11 , 1-10

Simon :

Turned Pro : 2002
Current Ranking : 17
Career High : 6
Career Earnings : 9 million
Win-Loss : 335-236
Titles : 12-5 ( 1 ATP 500, 11 250's)
Best Major Performance : 1 QF
Performance against Big 3 : ( 2-5, 1-6 , 1-8

Monfils :

Turned Pro : 2004
Current Ranking : 21
Career High :7
Career Earnings : 8 million
Win-Loss : 318-186
Titles : 5-17 ( 5 250's)
Best Major Performance : 1 SF and 2 QF
Performance against Big 3 : (3-8, 2-9 and 0-10)

Obviously , Tsonga stands out.

The other three have pretty similar career.

Which player do you like and why ?

Do you think Simon maximized his potential and Monfils under performed ?

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I thought Simon would do better than he has in the majors when he first made an impact in 07/08. A shame really...Gasquet was hyped to the heavens earlier on, but I never really got onto his bandwagon (although I love his backhand). Only 5 titles for Monfils is also not great for a guy with his talent. His win/loss record in finals is poor.

Simon is my favourite. Aesthetics (best looking 2hbh), smart game, random bursts of offense, etc... Tsonga a close second.


I realize he's only 1 ahead of Tsonga and Gasquet,but pretty interesting that Simon is the most successful (in terms of total titles) Frenchmen since Noah


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I realize he's only 1 ahead of Tsonga and Gasquet,but pretty interesting that Simon is the most successful (in terms of total titles) Frenchmen since Noah

Yet his record at the Majors is by far the worst compared to the others listed. Only a single, solitary quarter-final in 13 years on tour? All the others have at least made a semi.

His poor record at the Slams somewhat detracts from Simon's otherwise more successful record compared to the others!


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Whaaaaat I thought that was Spain.

Yep checked, France has 7, Spain has 14. USA only has 6.

Stand corrected. I thought I recalled seeing a table that put France at the top. My apologies! Still, they are second then.
How big is tennis in France? 4 top ten players within a few years of each other is impressive.

Tennis is the #2 sport in France, soccer is 1st.

The French tennis federation makes beaucoup $$$ from RG, a healthy number of club

players/competitors and government funds....

I played club tourneys on both sides of the Atlantic, currently competing only in France (

California and France, 25 mi. north of Paris ): way better organization on the French side,

you can pick a tourney on clay, greenset or hard and play every week in a different city,

strong attendance: 150 to 400 players, rankings at the clug level are updated every 4

months...<---- not much sandbagging


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Tsonga stands out of course but I have never found him interesting.

Monfils imo has underperformed. I don't know what is the matter with that guy. Look at DC what he did, the energy lvl he had, it's like he chooses himself when he is gonna care or play good.

Simon is the one I like the most out of them.


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Simon is my favorite because I like how he plays and I think he has done the most with his talent.

Gasquet is my least favorite, primarily because he is the least entertaining.

Tsonga and Monfils are both fun to watch most of the time.

Monfils and Gasquet both play a more defensive game that is not the optimal styles for them, IMO. I get Monfils somewhat because he is such an athlete and has the length/reach to run down almost anything. But, he also has a lot of easy power and leaves way too many opportunitieson the table to move up and put balls away, instead choosing to stay back and allow his opponents to stay in rallies. Gasquet, I do not get. His movement isn't poor, but in conjunction with his power levels off both wings, it is not enough to allow him to play 5' behind the baseline against tougher competition. It also does not allow him to utilize his variety and above average hands at net. There is no reason for him not to move in and play a more offensive game.

Mentally, I think Simon is the most solid. Monfils is the guy with the most potential. I think he has slam-winning physical gifts, but his commitment is questionable, along with his mental toughness, and he doesn't play offensively enough.
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I like all four guys. Watching Monfils crush Federer at Davis Cup you are reminded of his incredible potential.

Simon may be the fittest guy in tennis, maximizes what he has.

Gasquet needs when has the right mind set he plays excellently as he did when he was coached by Piatti. Piatti had him on the right path, into his 2nd SF of a slam but ran into Nadal. He served & volleyed successfully in that match. He played well and still lost.

Tsonga, I can't complain too much. He made a slam final.

These guys are getting older though. Window is not fully shut yet but getting closer.


Gasquet has a GOAT backhand, but the rest of his game sucks. Monfils plain sucks. So much talent, he should have focused on attacking tennis.

Tsonga did well, maybe too much injuries.

Simon has earned my respect, I don't find his playing style that enjoyable, too passive and one dimensional, but his match ups against Federer are pretty sweet to watch. Because Fed attacks and Simon basically returns everything, often with interest.