Comparison: Head MG Radical OS vs. Wilson Blade 104 (2013)

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by tennisnewbie09, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. tennisnewbie09

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    Dec 29, 2008
    I've been playing with the Head Microgel Radical OS for a little over a year. I'm thinking of switching to the 2013 Wilson Blade 104. I really like the MG Radical OS, but wanted to get the more updated Blade 104.

    Anyone that has used these two rackets, can you give me your opinion on if they feel the same or completely different rackets? Just wanted to make sure that the Blade offer at least similar characteristics and not a completely different racket. I really like the comfort that the Radical OS offers with a high 50s flex rating.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    SCRAP IRON Professional

    Aug 14, 2012
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    Go with the Wilson as the newer technology is quite favorable. You may also enjoy the Steam racket, though it will be heavier.
  3. Don't Let It Bounce

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    Sep 15, 2009
    I'm going to respectfully disagree with the other poster. You have two rackets with very similar specs, and you already know you like the one that costs half as much.

    If you have the cash to throw around and just like the idea of something different and newer, of course I get that. Go for it, and have fun. But I also hope you won't be misled into believing that a cheaper substitute for fiberglass (basalt) and less vibration damping ("Amplifeel"), and whatever else, is an actual technological advancement over a smidgen of ultralightweight polymer (Microgel) tossed into a carbon composite frame – just because one gimmick came later in the marketing cycle than the other.

    The differences between those two frames are not really significant; they're both good frames, and what is good about them has little to do with the marketing points that really sell frames. Getting another MG OS and splurging on some natural gut will probably give you a better on-court experience for the money, and you'll have money left over, too.
  4. corners

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    Jul 31, 2008
    Great, accurate post from a wise man.
  5. LeeD

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    Dec 28, 2008
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    I third what poster's 3 and 4 said.
    Too little difference to really tell, but the new black color is nice.
    Buy it if you want, tennis racket's are cheap.
    I also have a MGRadOS, and it works fine.
  6. cork_screw

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    Jul 2, 2008
    I've actually played with both of them for a good chunk of time. Here are my observations.

    The Wilson Blade 104

    Slices Better. Actually turns slices into a weapon.
    Volleys: Feel is better, but not consistently solid, sometimes a bit insubstantial in the punch
    Serves Better - More pace, depth
    Better backhands. Singles shine, but double backhands are also really nice
    but gets pushed back on big strokes coming at it
    Frame feels lighter and not as head heavy as the MG. More maneuverable.
    Better ball grab. Feels like the racquet is absorbing more power and weight when it comes in contact with the ball at impact (could be good or bad depending how you look at it).
    Using this racquet you definitely preferred players hitting flat against you than players hitting with spin. The MG wasn't the case, more impartial.
    Better pocketing.

    Microgel Radical OS 104

    More ploughthrough.
    Doesn't get pushed back as easily as the Wilson
    Against powerful hitters, performs better.
    This stick "covers" the ball well. Think how Murray hits his groundies from a POV perspective; like if you had a huge brush and you were combing the back of a sheep. That extreme western.
    A lot more power.
    For me better forehand, handles hitting against heavy balls and pace better. But weaker on backhand (imho, btw I hit both single and dbls)
    Not a fan of single backhands with this racquet, and the double backhands were ok, but didn't grab the ball like the Wilson, but made up in ploughthrough.
    More solid on volleys. And serves might have had more spin, but a significant decrease on pace. Switched to the MP version for a bit and with that I was creaming serves away, pace spin, you name it. Definitely did not get that result from the OS. But I thought OS had better directional throw than the MP.
    Groundstrokes were very nice and had a great "microgel" feel.
    Feels slightly stiffer than the wilson.

    Both share in common:

    Both had really stellar ball control and directional throw. I could take a neutral ball and throw it wide deuce or wide out ad. Conversely if someone hit angles at you, I could take that angle and create different angles or neutralize it. It was pretty easy to make people run with these racquets. I feel like I don't get the same ball throw with some other smaller more controlled sticks. Inside-out forehands were really sweet with both. The ball tags inside the court, but the path of the ball just pulls wide with a lot of movement.
    Both have huge sweet spots. Everything just feels like the ball that left your racquet just has great potential.
    Racquets also play a pretty efficient "small game" you can play any type of shot that you would regularly play in "mini tennis" but those shots do come into play when you are transitioning up to net. Great for half volleys, sitters (if you're one to occasionally over hit a sitter, these won't let you do that)
    Both are sweet on overheads

    I would be happy with either of these sticks. I do use one of them and for the sake of not swaying you based on that, I won't disclose which one, but I can say that the 104/18*19 head pattern / size is a great combo. Anything with those specs seems to offer a really stellar frame that most people should be glad to try out. I do tend to gloat about these sticks because they are so versatile and for the amount of good things they provide, there are very few complaints that I wouldn't be happy using them in a match.
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  7. LeeD

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    Dec 28, 2008
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    Wow, stiffer than the Blade104.
    I find my MGRadOS softer than my 4DAero300's, and very close to my Aero200's.
    My Bio300T is definetely stiffer than MGRadOS.

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