Complete newbie to tennis travel - but want to see the US Open this year

Discussion in 'Tennis Travel' started by toptalent, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I've never been to a grand slam before but this year I'm seriously considering going to the US Open along with 3 friends. We'll depart from Texas.

    We defintely want to watch the complete quaterfinal to the final on Sunday 9/13. So maybe a complete 7-8 day second week stay would be ideal. We'd like a decent hotel around a 4 star level. So for this kind of stay, what would be our best deal? Should we book through a travel site /travel agent for airfare/hotel/car rental package, then purchase the tickets separately, or should we go with complete-package deal like the Steve Furgal or Grand Slam Tennis Tours as linked on the US Open website? All considered, what would be an estimated per person cost for the 8 day? Just a ballpark.

    I guess the most confusing part would be the tickets actually. I've seen the online tickent booking system and the prices vary from 82 to 880. We just want a "regular" type of seat, nothing fancy front but not one of those super far or standing tickets either. So exactly how much can we expect to pay per person for quater? For Semi? For final? Does it make sense to purchae one of those "mini plans" or things alike?

    Some advice from you lucky slam frequenters would be appreciated!
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    Apr 10, 2005
    I live in NYC and have been to the US Open every year I've lived in the city. A few suggestions:

    The tickets you are looking for are probably already gone (at least from ticketmaster). You would have to get them second hand off another site, or craigslist it at a price premium. There was a promotion a few days last week where the last of the seats for the 4th round and on were made available for 10 dollars (in the nose bleeds) by ticketmaster. Unless you have great seats, Arthur Ashe isn't worth it.

    I would recommend watching the latter rounds on an HD TV if you can't secure good seats. Go the week before the tournament starts and watch the pros practice up close. Watch the qualifying rounds courtside, for free. And get some cheap tickets for Ashe during the day (or grounds passes) for the first or second day. You can watch marquee players who aren't in Ashe play on the outer courts, and you have the ability to walk around.

    I don't know much about hotels in the area, so I'll leave this for someone else to comment on. Just note that you should stay somewhere near the 7 train if you plan on attending night matches. It's much easier that way.

    Cost, on tickets alone for the seats you're asking for, for Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunday, at least 500 per person.

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