Composite player from *underrated shots*

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    Apr 13, 2004
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    Serve - Slobodan Zivojinovic (Many won't have heard of him but he was a big ponderous Yugo with a huge serve)

    Forehand - Jimmy Arias (Bit of a forgotten forehand, huge swing with plenty of topspin and power. A real weapon of it's time)

    Backhand - Eliot Teltscher (The odd article in tennis mag and a beautiful topspin backhand from an Eastern grip. A super shot no-one much remembers)

    Return - Miloslav Mecir (Not underrated in his day i guess but one hell of a return)

    Volley - Tim Mayotte (A very fine volleyer, better groundies and he may have near won Wimbledon, MAYBE)

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