Compression sleeve for woman w/narrow upper arm (no bicep)?


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I recently bought a Venom compression sleeve to wear while playing, to help with my elbow pain. It helps tremendously, but the upper arm portion is not tight enough. If I got the next size smaller, the lower arm part would be too tight. My upper arm circumference is no greater than my lower arm. Does anyone know of a different brand of compression sleeve that would have a tighter upper arm portion, relative to the lower arm portion? The Venom is very well made, but it seems like it would fit someone with more developed biceps, not me.

FWIW, the pain is in my non-dominant elbow, just behind the elbow on the upper arm portion. I'm guessing it's where my tricep connects to my elbow.


Get an Ace bandage and just wrap the upper part without pulling it too tight. If you have anything with a strap (velcro or otherwise), that would also work.


i´m a man with a narrow upper arm (think of rublev) and for me the zensah compression sleeve works really well