Concerning the Head Andre Agassi Limited Edition.....Authenticity?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by Andre Agasaki, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Hi, posing a question for Agassi fans or TW staff! Ok, I purchased the "Limited Edition" Radical and have played with it. It plays ok. The TW staff gave it a glowing review as well. The racquet is great BUT, is it really a "REPLICA" of Andre Agassi's 1993 Radical? This I question!

    Below are my concerns:
    Anyone who has followed Agassi's racquet line knows of the following details for that 1993 version of the 1st Radical. 1.) Made in Austria version, 2.) Made in China version, 3.) The recent "Limited Edition" version. The "Made in Austria" version is the best! The "Made in China" is CONSIDERABLY worse quality! This "Limited" version is "Made in China" as well. I seriously do not think that Agassi gets his "custom" racquets made from China as apposed to Austria. I would think that Head would produce the racquets themselves from their main offices. (Granted, my opinion.) Also, the throat "indentations" are nothing like Agassi's real racquet according to past photos. It resembles the mass production lines from the TI Radicals until the FlexPoint Radicals. (These "indentations" appeared correctly in Heads original 1993 mass production line Radicals and subsequent releases until the TI Radical.) Also the "grommets" of the "Limited Edition" Radical is exactly like the TI or I Radicals!

    Is this a cheap imitation of Agassi's real racquet or are they pushing the "replica" description a little too far in their sales propaganda! I purchased this racquet mainly to feel a glimpse of how playing with Agassi's racquet specifications might feel! Please advise. Thanks!
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    It is a cheap imitation of the original made in Austria Radical Trisys 260. HEAD is pushing the "replica" description very far. All of Agassi's racquets were made in Austria. The reason IMHO why TW gave such a great review is the currant line of HEAD racquets are just so bad.

    Here is a link why HEAD use to make such great racquets in Austria.

    If you really want something close to what A.A. used than I suggest that you serf the net and look for Radical Trisys 260 made in Austria. They pop up from time to time.

    edit: Here is a link to good discussion about the new Made in China Limited Edition A.A. Radical Trisys 260
    Page 7 of the link I think is what you are looking for.
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