Conducting Research for the Grip Enthusiast!


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Hi all, I'm doing a research project for my masters of Sports Engineering to determine if the grip preferences people have for their rackets have any correlation (either consciously or subconsciously) with their hand anatomy and playing styles. The plan is to see if the findings could be used to estimate what the ideal grip would be for someone (in terms of how they want it to feel and injury reduction) and then 3D print customised palettes for their choice of racket based on this.
I need to do a lot of data collection for analysis so was wondering if anyone would be able to fill out a short survey? It should take no more than 10 mins and all you need is a ruler or tape measure, your racket and a strong preference for your racket handle/grip! Here is the link:

Any help would be much appreciated! If you have any questions or are interested in results let me know, I am happy to update this thread with findings if people are keen!