Confused about the Wilson Ultra line - what can we expect in the future?


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They've had (incomplete list):
  • 2017: Ultra Tour (97), an 18x20 with 63 RA
  • 2019: Ultra 95, a 16x20 with 69 RA
  • 2021: Ultra Pro (97) with 6.4mm SI (whatever that translates to in RA) that's only available on the site
  • 2021: Ultra v3 (100) 16x19 with 73 RA
The Ultra is supposed to be their power line of rackets, yet it has such a broad range of head sizes, stiffness, etc. Usually companies have maybe a ~2 RA difference in stiffness between their standard and tour models, but not as different as 4 or 10 RA. Adding to the confusion, the line generally seems to be cheaper than their other rackets as if it is a junior racket, but price the "Pro" ones available on site the same as the Serena or Federer branded rackets despite not having a player name attached to the rackets (endorsed by maybe, but not in the model name itself).

Adding even more to the confusion...not sure if it's a website glitch (Wilson's site seems very glitchy IME, it often doesn't load pages), but the Ultra product page doesn't even show the Pro models, at least from my browser...I have to separately search "wilson ultra pro" to find the exact product webpage to find it on the site. Similarly, the demo page doesn't show the Pro models (16x19 or 18x20) either, but you can search for it. It's as if they don't want people to buy it or even know about it.

I would be curious to demo a Pro (I demoed the v3 for fun even though it was not my preferred spec since it was at a local store, and it was nice enough aside from the dreaded metallic "ping" sound), but similar to Head, it's kind of off-putting how confusing the line is. I also don't want to buy into the line just to have the specs change randomly or have no access to local demoes of certain models. Am I just not familiar enough with the line, or is it kind of a mess?


Ultra is a stiff power-enhancing line. With 100sqin headliner as well as some lighter options.
Then you have Nishikori 95 frame - they just decided to put it there because some reasons, maybe marketing.
Now 97 low-RA Ultra Tour and Ultra Pro are completely different sticks, they are mass produced variation of H19 pro stock mold. No one will ever know why they put it into Ultra line :rolleyes: Currently they have it only within “Pro Labs” line sold exclusively via web site - H19 Ultra Pro, H22 Blade Pro and Six.One 95.


I though the SI = RA. Hope it is like that!

I always look at the flagship and think of the others as mods to that. So like Ultra Tour being the main racket, the others then going different directions from that. But yes, the 95 and 100 and the Pro... this line's too complicated!


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Wilson lines are more or less decently distinguishable in terms of playability HOWEVER Wilson tends to clump completely different frames to a group/line of otherwise similar racquets - Burn 95, Ultra Tour are great examples.


What is missing is an Ultra Pro with the proper 12oz weight and 57ra and the option of a 5/8 grip. They should have kept the Ultra Tour named as the Ultra Tour and call this one the Pro.


Ultra pro / tour are the same racket and are the desirable ones.

The "Ultra" by itself is completely different and a horrible racket. I'm not sure why the two share the same name at all.

I'm not a fan of their naming convention because it just confuses people.