Congratulations on # 14 Djoker

Congrats to Djokovic and his fans. I thought Del Po could give some issues and he played well but Djokovic handled the big moments better.
Novak deserves great respect for battling out his own demons post 2015 and coming back so strongly this year. And the match itself was clinical, without much drama whatsoever. The father player certainly outclassed a certain mother player.


Federer is number 2 in the world and enjoying tennis, or so he says, so whatever Djokovic does is irrelevant.

I really don't think he's sticking around to somehow stymie Nadal from getting ahead in the slam race.
Then you are naive lol.

Also...Did anyone notice that Sampras was NOT there? He showed up to watch Fed break his Wimbledon record in 2009, but he didn't attend a Slam in his home country (same Slam he won his first and last Slams) to watch Djokovic tie him at 14?
Great achievement by Djokovic, I agree he is at least at level of Sampras, but with 1 RG and Career Golden Master looks like he is a bit ahead
Now, just talking about this tournament, he played no one until the final - ironically, the best contenders were in the other half of the draw. And dont start me about Federer in his quarter because I am still waiting a good show from the old man after Rotterdam