Congratulations to Novak!


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Really. I mean it. Fantastic effort from both players and huge congratulations to Novak who is now equal with Borg at Wimbledon. Brilliant win, saved MPs and everything. Couldn't have deserved it more.

Hard luck for Fed, but he has plenty and he's had his share of lucky wins too. He beat Nadal, he can be proud, and so can us fans. He had his chances today, he didn't take them, it is what it is.

Tennis has won the last few days. Great second semifinal with a sweet win for Roger, great and deserving result on the Women's side, huge congrats to fellow Aussie Dylan Alcott who won the inaugural wheelchair singles event, and now a brilliant final match that showcased both what a talented and tenacious player Federer is, and also cemented Novak's position as one of the greatest tennis players ever.

What more could you have asked for?
Yeah, maybe one thing, but you can't win them all.


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Yeah, Fed losing with mps hurt a bit but then again i looked at his results past week, lot of positives to take.
Congrats to the fans here. A match to remember definitely.
I’m buzzing! I can’t believe Djokovic beat Federer saving match points again! On Federer serve too! Us open 2011 all over again. Novak is the iron man of tennis! The Djoko juggernaut is powering on!


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Congrats to Novak. He was way too clutch when it mattered.

Fed could have got aces with those MP, but Novak's return were on spot. Fed couldnt do much there.


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Well done. Great match from both players. And kudos to Djokovic for the way he handled the win - walk to the net and shake your opponents hand.


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Thank you OP and thanks to all other Fed fans who respect Novak and tennis as a whole. Grats to him on his 16th slam.

Tough luck and incredible effort from Fed. Match for history.