Considering Serrano 6000

Im getting back into stringing from a 40 year hiatus. Familiar with the old drop weight machines, and am considering a Serrano 6000 that came up for sale recently. Any opinions on this machine? I could care less about being fast, as I'm really just going to be doing my racquets, and a couple buddies I hit with.


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As long as your racquets fit it, why do you care what we think?

I’ve wanted one of those for awhile but I’m not going to pay more than X dollars for it. I’ve seen them retrofitted with 6 point mounting and I’ve also seen them with other tension pulling devices.

From an outsider perspective, they look to me like stringway machines. I’d buy one.
I have a Serrano but it's an old earlier machine not retrofitted for today's larger racquets.Very accurate machine. I typically only use it on the occasional wooden racquet that comes my way from time to time.
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I believe the Serrano 550 began the era of being able to handle a bit larger racquet. It also had a better string tensioner pull device. The 6000 appears to be the end of the line for the Serrano machines. They seem to be very overbuilt, simple in construction, and basically have only one bearing that wears. The two point mount system is a concern, but then again there are other modern two point systems that seem to work fine on the larger racquets. I have a lot to learn...
Mine is a very early model .Probably one of the 1st ones
Model UV550
Will not handle today's racquets without the update kit which was discontinued many years back.
I purchased it back in 1968 and it was old then.