Contact Lenses - Soft vs Hard (RGP)


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I have struggled with vision since I started wearing soft lenses years ago, I have slight astigmatism and even now things are not as sharp as with glasses. When it is very sunny or when the sun is going down and playing under the lights, I struggle.

Should I consider Hard lenses? My Dad has worn hard lenses all his life and he has nothing but praise, they do fall out around once per year but never during tennis.

I know I'd give up a few advantages like comfort, but cost and performance would be improved?


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I know what you mean. I switched from glasses to monovision contacts. In the sun or in lights, it is not bueno. On a better note, I think I have finally adjusted to picking up the ball of the racquet across the net so that is good.


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I wear RGP lenses and they work well for me. I can't wear glasses - they give me headaches. Never tried soft lenses.

The good: Sharp vision, easy in/out, easy maintenance, no ripping/folding, and they last forever (or until you need a new prescription).

The bad: they can dry out (drops help), the solutions are expensive. They can produce "halo effect" under lights, etc, but in my experience this is caused by dryness. When I use drops or its humid, no halo.

Would love to try laser surgery - but I'm chicken!


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I use gas permeable lenses (I think they classify as hard?). Work generally great. However once something gets in your eye (like dust in the wind or clay) you will suffer strongly, it doesnt get away easy except if you go to the toilette, remove and clean it. I used to have a bottle of clean water to do that on court. Nowadays I always use dark lenses if playing under dayight (to protect my eyes from dust and clay more than the sun), and I will buy badminton transparent lenses to use in the night if windy. Once I was on the beach and had to go back to my home as I couldnt even open my eyes to take them out, I was literally blinded .

With soft lenses, if dust gets into your eyes, is not way different than if it happens without the lenses.