converting Baiardo from European power to US power

I have a Wilson Baiardo from Europe. What do I need to do to use it in the US? I know it needs a new plug. I am assuming it is set for 220 and needs to be set for 110. How do I do this? Any help guys?


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Have you checked the manual? Things like that are usually in the manual. My motto is,when all else fails read the instructions.


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Problem solved. Talked to Hannah at Wilson, she is sending me the US power supply.
I'd be very surprised if there is such a thing as a US Power Supply. Most power supplies these days are PFC front end with switching regulators with IEC appliance coupler inputs.... Nerdspeak for auto-sensing universal input.

The only way that there is a US power supply is if they are using AC synchronous motors for pulling tension. Which would really worry me because the controls are somewhat sloppy when compared to DC motors.

I suspect the "US Power Supply" is nothing more than a power cord.
you guys are correct in that all that is needed is to exchange the power cord. Wilson does not have a cord by itself, so she is sending the whole power supply.