Coolest pictures of pros

22 Slams in one photo.
You could also put Hewitt and Federer in the same photo and get the same total.
Two legends. Totally different tour dynamics during the time of both Laver and Borg, with the tech, surface diversity, technology, playing styles, etc. They paved the way for greats that followed. Hewitt is no where in the same league as any of those guys. A lot has to do with the surfaces and how they are tailored to one style of play and the modern technology. Without Borg and Laver, none of these guys would enjoy the riches they do these days. Novak, Federer and Nadal know that, which is why they have such immense respect for the greats that made it all happen. Tennis worldwide popularity hit a peak at the 1980 Wimbledon tourney. The TV ratings dwarf any other year really. Borg ushered in the Golden Era of tennis, which brought tennis out of the country club and to the masses. His style of play was truly revolutionary. Novak Djokovic when he hit with a wood racquet said, " now I know how difficult it was for players to play with a wood frame".



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Nole and other tennis legends (former players):

Nole and McEnroe

Nole and Borg

Nole and Lendl

Nole with Chris Evert and Billie Jean King
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