cordage et puissance d'une raquette de tennis


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Il y a longtemps j'avais effectué un stage de tennis avec des élèves classés.
Moi débutant je ne me rappelle plus les caractéristiques du cordage d'une raquette de tennis.
D'où mes questions primordiales:
1)comment appelle-t-on les accessoires à mettre sur le cordage qui empêchent que les mailles du cordage s'écartent?

2)comment appelle-t-on les accessoires du cordage qui donnent de la puissance au lift?

3)pour donner de la puissance au lift,qu'est-ce qui est mieux?:
-une forte tension
-le type de cordage(boyau,filament,...).Lequel?
-les accessoires à mettre sur le cordage.Lesquels?

4)quelle est le matériau le plus solide constituant la raquette?la fibre?autre?

merci de votre aide


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Backed up message from thread ( that was deleted:
I'm a Novak fan. I don't avoid the topic. I sent one post to the original thread in the evening of my time and I wanted to send another posts in the morning of my time, but the thread was deleted.
Nole underestimated this, apparently thinking that the coronavirus was in decline and social distancing was not necessary. Moreover, Serbian regulations did not force him to take strict measures.
I'm afraid Nole is also infected, I hope I'm wrong.
I was about to read the whole thread when I found out it was deleted
Disgusting censorship, shames on you, mods!
Censorship by TTW mods must end! Their activity is detrimental to this forum!
I'm against removing threads, even those critical towards to Djoker.

That mods remove entire threads because it's easier for them, is a shamefully and pathetic.


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