Coria - a strapping fellow


I'm surprised the conspiracy theorists haven't picked up on this sooner, but Coria played his opening match with a heavily strapped leg. Given his whimpering after his Hamburg hiding from Fed, does anyone know whether he has a genuine problem?

I also happen to think Ferrero has been playing the fool - he's about 98% but playing ot the crowd. Ring rust against Haas got shaken off pretty quickly and the serve looked ok to me. Expect the highlighted mosquito to go deep.


I so wish I could have seen at least a full set of Ferrero-Haas... That aside, he's playing with loads of cortazone (what's the correct spelling of that, btw?) and I just hope it doesn't bite back or allow him to aggrevate injuries further.... As happy as I am he won the first round convincingly (or so it sounds to me).

Back to Coria... After the last year and a half of watching him, such thoughts definitely sink into the back of my mind... Though he's defaulted enough for me to be mostly convinced he doesn't lie about his condition, but you always hear about it or see it on court... Definitely good fodder for the conspiracy/gamesmanship theorists, though. Or sympathy for the fans who probably see him as a guy who seems to be playing beyond his physical limits.



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I've had these same thoughts myself, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

And am glad that it isn't Roddick who is doing it. As he wouldn't be given the benefit of the doubt in many quarters. :wink:


Are you kidding? His first serve speeds didn't exceed 155kmh during the first couple of sets. That's less than 100mph.