Coria to miss Barcelona (and possibly Rome) due to injury


Bad news for all of us clay court fans....Coria is injured again and won't be playing Barcelona. He has a 7mm rip in his lateral ab muscles that occurred during Montecarlo. Coria said that he felt a lot of pain during the last set with Schuettler and that he could not serve very well because of that. If the injury does not get better very soon, he won't be able to play in Rome and Hamburg is in doubt too. He will be OK for the French (hopefully).

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Hello Marat. who's also withdrawn from Barcelona, this year not due to injury , but to get into even beter condition for Roland Garros and begin working with Lundgren. He doesn't have any points to defend.


He'll still win the French I think, and I hope Safin goes deep with this time off. Looks like Moya and Ferrero should have freedom to pick up a clay masters soon.....
That's a little strange, isn't it? I mean for a guy to get so far in tournament repeatedly and to have so many injuries. Coria was out at the beginning of the year, then he pulled out in the finals of Miami in the third set, and now he at least finished the match and won, but is still out for who knows how long. What ever happened to that kidney stone theory at Miami? How long was he out for after he pulled out of the match?
I don't want him to wim RG, but it would be a shame for him not to play since he's in such goor form now. I hope he plays, because although he won in MC, he still had some tough matches against Pavel, who isn't known for his clay court abilities, and then against Safin, who has had success on the dirt before.
I think it will be interesting to see now how Schuttler will perform especially if he has to play Haas in the second round in Munich. That's going to be a great match if it happens!! I hope Haas wins!!


I wonder if Coria will begin to undergo the same kind of problems a young Rios did a few years ago.

Like Coria, Rios was only 135 lbs when he first came on tour and was lightning fast.

Soon after winning IW and Miami back to back and then Rome I think the same year he developed elbow problems and failed to live up to expectations.

Like Coria, Rios has a similar game but his body takes a pounding although he looks so smooth.

Later on, Rios tried bulking up and getting big but I suspect this led to muscle imbalances and his eventual surgeries.