Coria vs Chang


After having followed tennis since the early days of Connors, Mcenroe, Lendl, Wilander, Edberg, Courier, Chang, Sampras, etc., I find many similarities in Coria's and Chang's games ( the younger, faster MC). They are both grinders who can stay with anyone all day long and possess the fitness to play back to back 5-set matches. Chang used to be #2 in the world for a long time because he consistently would reach the quarters or semis of many majors. As he got older and tennis players got bigger and stronger and faster, his style of play was being overpowered. He could no longer keep up and his ranking plummeted. Coria IMO is a harder hitting Chang with a better serve. He will out consistent most of his opponents and will advance far in the French. Whether he can win it all or not will depend on if there is anyone out there who can overpower him on clay. Federer if he is on top of his game will beat Coria no matter what surface. Agassi, if he reach into moments of greatness from the past , can beat Coria. Then again, if Coria had a bad day then he can be ousted. Does any else see a "Chang" in Coria? :?: