Coric, Norrie, Khachanov, Karatsev, Sonego?


Want to see opinions on this plot. Age range from 24-27 so they're an inbetween group that have all shown some flashes.

Do they win maybe a Masters or two moving forward? A surprise Slam Final? Just seems like the kind of group to have your Bustas and Andersons ultimately losing to pamper better resumes.
Norrie no chance, Karatsev highly unlikely but he could peak at one,two big tournaments,Sonego 60-40-he have potential, Coric and Khachanov almost sure they ll win Masters ,maybe even grand slam


Coric is one of my biggest disappointments. In 2018 I was pretty confident he was gonna break into top-10 and remain there for a long time. He won Halle beating Federer (at the time world number #2) in final and had an amazing run in Shanghaï, (Wawrinka, Delpotro and Federer). The final was a great match despite the 63 64. His game looked a lot like Djokovic, his backhand and defense game were one of the bests. But it went downhill after this. Many unexpected losses, and now it's injuries after injuries. The US QF against Zverev last year was awful, one of the worst slam matches I've ever seen. Now I'm not even sure he will ever be top-20 again.

Norrie is a bit overrated here, I agree. He just doesn't have the game to beat top players. If he can't even beat the current injured versions of Nadal and Federer, he will never beat Medvedev, Zverev or Tsitsipas. His best results this year were in 250 and he didn't beat anybody ranked above him. He will be a solid top-30 maybe top-20 but no more. He isn't winning slams or Masters.

Same for Sonego. He rarely ends up winning vs top players. Djokovic in Vienna doesn't count for obvious reasons. Thiem was injured and not in form. His only significant win this year is Rublev in Rome. I don't see him winning Big Tournaments in the future. A 500 maybe.

Karatsev and Khachanov are another story. Khachanov has already won a Masters, and has an OG medal. Was in QF of RG and Wimbledon and I have no doubt he can do better even on hard courts. He has the serve and the power to trouble a lot of players when he is peaking. I can easily see him winning another Masters in the future and be in SF of a couple of slams. Why not win 1 one day, I wouldn't rule him out.
Karatsev is a bit of a mystery. He is 27 and I had basically never heard of him until AO this year. Wasn't even ranked top100 until late 2020. All of a sudden he beats Djokovic, Medvedev, Rublev, Auger, Dimitrov, Sinner, Schwartzman and many other top-30, wins a 500 and Semifinal in a slam. Now since RG he is back to the modest top100, practically unknown player he was all his career, losing to guys like Chardy, Bublik, Kohlschreiber,... Will he ever play his Dubaï level again? Hard to figure him out at this point...


Norrie won't win anything big but might get inside the top 20 at some point. He's got a great engine on him, defends well and has improved his forehand weaponry but this is someone 6'2" who plays like he's 5'6" and has a backhand forged from working down t'pit.

I hope Coric doesn't win very much, he's one of the most boring people in tennis. He might pick up a Masters at some point but I can't see him doing better than a slam SF.

Karatsev has, thankfully, regressed to the mean. That run early in the year had a few red flags being raised but now the top players have seen what he has and understood how to crack him he looks like a top 20 player at best. Can't see him winning a Masters or making a slam final.

Khachanov has already picked up one Masters so he's proved he can do it once. I can see him winning one or two more but no slam finals.

Sonego. Haven't watched him enough to have a clue.


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Coric needs to stay healthy first. I like his attitude and he doesn't let his taller peers dominate the points, which is nice to see. I think he can reach the top 10, but can he stare down all three of his peers, who have now far surpassed him in confidence and success?

Khachanov? I don't know what he can do to help with the mental side of the game. He has a great game, but his head let's him down big time.


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Peak for peak Khachanov, Coric, and Karatsev are miles ahead of the other two. But Sonego probably has the most potential than them I think. Norrie is a loser.

James P

I could see KK returning to the top 10 and making a couple more good runs. Pretty much the rest are good players, but doubtful they'll make big impacts, probably not top 10 material. Coric maybe, but it's a stretch at this point in his career.