Corrected data in McCauley book.

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This was just a few, given to me by Mr. Carlo G. Colussi. I believe AndrewTas made a contribution to this.
I just will copy here to share with you, for "Results Section":

Page 177:
From Carlo on wikipedia: "before 1930 some tournaments were sometimes labelled "Professional Championships of France" : the Bristol Cup (held from 1920 to 1932), the most important pro tournament in the world in the 1920s, was sometimes referred as the French Pro as well as the World Pro tournament held at Deauville in 1925. Therefore two different tournaments were both considered as French Pro Championships in 1925 (World Pro at Deauville and Bristol Cup at Cannes) and from 1930 to 1932 (Roland Garros and Bristol Cup at Beaulieu)."
1928: Prague: played August 25, Kozeluh won 3 sets to 1
1928: Queen's: played September 1.
1928: Bowers said that Kozeluh, in the Europ Challenge Series, lead 3-0 vs Richards, then 3-2 and then 11-2; at the end, probably 15-5 (including US Pro) in favor of Kozeluh.

Page 178:
1929: Name of the event: Southern -California- Pro Champs
1930: US Pro Champs, held in Sept 16-20 (Bowers)

Page 179:
1931: USA Pro Tour, Tilden d. Kozeluh 20-17 (until August)
1931: USA Pro Tour, Tilden d. Richards 10-0 or 12-1.
1931: Winner of Southern Pro Champs was Heston instead Helston.
1931: British Pro Champs: Maybe played in Wimbledon, July 13-18, Maskell b. Jeffery 8-6 3-6 6-0 6-3
1931: Missing: Indoor Pro Champs, 71st Regiment, New York, USA, December 31 to January 2 1932, won by Richards over Wood.

Page 180:
1932: Missing: Philadelphia, January 7-9, Tilden b. Nusslein 3 sets to 2.
1932: Bristol Cup: Kozeluh b Plaa 6-1 6-4 1-6 6-0, played January 5-10.
1932: Missing: Palm Beach, March 19 last day, Heston b. Kenny
1932: US Pro Champs: Kozeluh b. Nusslein 6-2 6-3 7-5 (Bowers)
1933: World Pro Series: According to Bowers, Tilden beat Nusslein.

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Page 181:
1933: Instead French Pro, match against USA vs France 4-1, Sept 22-24 played in RG. Missing result: Barnes d. Plaa 3 sets to 1 and Tilden/Barnes d. Cochet/Plaa 3 sets to 1.
1933: World Pro Champs, held 12-17 Sept
1933: World Pro Champs, Bowers said that Ramillion b. Barnes, but in some other source the unfinished game is confirmed)
1933: Dec 27-31, US Pro Indoors (NOT 1934)
1934: French pro, held 21-23 Sept, the results published in next page -182- as event of 1935 is in fact from 1934!
1934: US Pro Champs: held Aug 18-25(Bowers)
1934: Southport Pro: held Sept 27-29 (Bowers).

Page 182:
1934: Wembley RR: held Nov 19-23 (Bowers)
1935: USA Tour Series: Nusslein b. Lott; Vines b Nusslein and Vines b. Tilden.
1935: American Champs: held May 29 June 3
1935: Strasbourg Pro: final day July 1
1935: French Pro: held July 2-7, played at RG.
1935: La Coupe Bonnardel, held June 9-11.
1935: US Pro Champs: held Sept 11-15 (Bowers)
1935: British Pro, held probably Aug 13-17.
1935: Remember that World Pro Champs in the bottom is from 1934, not 1935.
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Page 183:
1935: Wembley Pro: held Sept 30 - Oct 6 (Bowers), 10 man event
1936: Japan Tour: Vines b. Tilden 8 matches to 1 (Bowers)
1936: Sothport Pro: 9 man event, QF are Cochet d. Stoefen, Ramillion d. A. Burke (Bowers), Nusslein d. E. Burke (Bowers) and Plaa d. Tilden
1936: US Pro Champs, held July 13 -18
1936: World Pro Champs, held Aug 10 or 11 to 18
1936: German Pro, last day Sept 27
1936: Wembley pro, Bowers stated that there was no 1936 event but Geist think that Tingay didn't invent such an event
1936: Bonnardel Cup, hel Aug 14-15, USA b. France 4-1.
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Page 184:
1937: GB Series: Perry d. Vines 6-3 (including the matches of the "King George VI Coronation Cup")
1937: German Pro: 1)Tilden 2)Nusslein 3)Ramillion, Sept 19
1937: World Pro Cha,ps: in fact is "L'Exposition" RR, held Aug 6-8 (next side of the same page)
1937: Southport and Wembley, the name is Jeffery instead of Jeffrey
1937: US Open Champs, QF Whalen d. Chapin (Bowers)
1937: Bonnardel Cup, held July 10-11 (Bowers), France d. USa 3-2
1937: French Pro: held June 16-20 (Bowers)
1937: Deauville Pro, held July 25
1938: USa Tour Series: Bell and Senior played at leats 19 ties.
1938: North and South Pro: held April 17-21

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Page 185:
1938: German Pro: held Sept 18, both matches listed were not “Semi” and “Final”.
1938: French Pro: held Sep 9-11
1938: Belgian Pro: held at Brussels, Oct 21-23, 4 man event
1938: British Pro: held in Aug.
1938: US Open Champs: held April 25-30
1938: US Pro Champs, held Sept 28 Oct 2 (Bowers)
1938: Wembley Pro: no event according to Bowers
1938: Danish Pro: held Oct 25-27, RRobin, missing match: Ramillon b. Richards, Nusslein vs Tilden was not the “final”
1939: London Pro: held March 22 April 4: Nusslein b. Ramillon in opening night

Page 186:
1939: Richmond Pro: held April 23 (last day)
1939: USA Tour Series: Budge b. Vines 22-17, and Budge b. Perry 28-8
1939: Southport RRobin: Vines played with an injured right hand
1939: North and South Pro: held April 19 (last day)
1939: World Pro Champs: held June 27 - July 2: SF, Vines b. Stoefen, 4th set: 7-5 or 8-6?
1939: US Open Champs: held April 25-29: Herman Peterson instead “P.”, in QF, Skeen b. Ball, in SF Skeen B Barnes
1939: US Pro: 2nd round, name of the player seems Walter instead “G.”
1940: Herbert Hoover’s Finnish Relief: held March 10 (last day), possibly indoor
1940: Missing match: exo between Budge and Mulloy: split set outcome

Page 187:
1940: South Eastern: held Feb 18-25, clay, field 40?, Budge b Perry 6-1 7-5 6-1 in the final, Perry b Senior 3 sets to 1 in sf, prize $2500
1940: US Open: held April 23-28, prize $2000, Budge b Barnes 5-7 6-4 6-3 6-3 in the final, and b Faunce in previous round
1940: North and South: held April 16-21, Budge b Skeen 6-0 6-3 6-0 in the final
1940: West Coast: held April 2-8, hard court, last Vines’s tennis competition, Perry won the RRobin event only losing to Stoefen, 2nd was Stoefen and 3rd was Budge, missing matches: Vines d Stoefen and Vines d Tilden
1940: US Pro: Clay, held Sep 21-29
1940: West (Pacific) Coast: Outdoor, not indoor, held Oct 14-20, Perry lost to Gorchakoff and Gledhill, 2nd place; Nogrady (who replaced Budge), lost to Perry and Gorchakoff, 3rd place.
1941: USA Tour Series, held Jan 6- May 10, Budge b Tilden ~ 46-7 (+ 1 tie), Nogrady replaced an injured Tilden 7 times
1941: North and South: held April 16-21, Skeen lost several match points on 4th set
1941: US Open: held April 22-27
1941: Forest Hills: held Jun 6-8, Perry b Tilden 3-2, Skeen 3-1 and Budge 3-0
1941: Rye Champs: held June 14-17, QF Perry d Stoefen and Skeen d Kozeluh, in the final Perry b Skeen 3 sets to 1
1941: USA Tour: End of July: Perry b Tilden 20-3, Kozeluh vs Richards almost even
1941: St Louis: Aug 1-3, Perry split sets with Kozeluh and b Tilden and Richards; also in Aug Tilden b Perry at least twice; according to Bowers Kozeluh goes slightly ahead of Richards.
1941: According to Allen, Riggs “should” defeat Perry
1941: US Pro: held in clay

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Thanks Tomaz and urban.
I learn a lot in this forums, specially from you urban, AndrewTas, jeffreyneave, chaog, krosero, SgtJohn and recently Carlo (I knew him from wikipedia), I must say thank to you.
This material belongs to Carlo Colussi, who gentily gave this to me and cause I value it too much, just decided to share it with you here.
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Page 188:
1942: US Tour Series: held Dec 24 1941 April 5 1942, canvas tennis court, Budge won 54-18 according to Tom LeCompte.
1942: Orlando pro: held Jan 23- Feb 2, Sabin b Gledhill 4-6 6-3 8-6 6-2 in the final
1942: Miami Beach: held Feb 2-8
1942: Dixie Pro: held Feb 17-22, prize $1000
1942: West Palm: held Feb 9-16, prize %1200, in the final Bowers said Skeen b Sabin 1-6 13-11 7-5 9-7
1942: Fort Lauderdale: held March 1-8
1942: Missing event: Daytona Beach, held March 9-15, in the final Sabin b Skeen 3-6 6-3 6-3 6-0, Sf Sabin b Barnes and Skeen b Van Horn
1942: North and South: held April 13-19
1942: Missing event: Sothern Pro: held March 18-22, in the final Sabin b Skeen 6-3 4-6 6-1 6-4

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Page 188:

1943: 1st half of the year: Exo: Minneapolis Armory: Riggs d. Sabin 18-16 (only 1 set)
1943: late July : Exo : Sidney: Kovacs d. Crawford 3 sets to 2
1943: June 9: Atlantic City: Hare b. Wood
1943: August 28: Brisbane: Kovacs d. Crawford in straight sets
1943: August 29: Crawford d. Kovacs in split sets
1943: September 4: Sidney: Kovacs d. Quist 7-5 6-4
1943: October 31: Tampa: Budge b. Allow 6-2 6-4
1943: November 26-27: Brisbane: Kovacs d. Crawford twice in straight sets

1944: North and South Champs: held April 25-28
1944: North and South Champs: SF: Skeen b. Rericha 6-2 7-5 5-7 6-1 / F Van Horn b. Skeen 6-2 5-7 10-8 1-6 8-6
1944: Red Cross Exos: hel July 2-4: missing result: Kovacs d. Van Horn 2 sets to 1
1944: 7th Regiment Armory, NY City over green canvas: held Jan 28: Budge b. Kramer 7-5 7-5 / Marble d. Hardwick / Betz d. Winthrop (plus 2 doubles matches)
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Page 189:

1944: MSG, NY: several days to March 12: Segura vs Budge: Segura won the early sets but on the last day he lost 2 of 3.
1944: MSG, NY : March 14: Kramer b Budge 6-3 6-2 or maybe 6-3 6-1
1944: After June: Bournemouth: USA vs UK: Hare b. Maskell

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Page 189:

1945: Jan 28: LA: Budge d. Parker 3-6 6-4 6-4
1945: World Pro: held March 10: Tilden b. Rogers 6-1 11-9
1945: May 25: Pearl Harbor: Budge d. Parker
1945: probably May: Hawaii (Pearl Harbor?): Budge d. McNeill
1945: North and South Champs: held April 25-29: 11 players: SF: Skeen d. Rericha 6-2 7-5 7-5 and Van Horn d. Decker 6-2 6-4 6-3 / Final: Van Horn d. Skeen 8-6 6-0 6-3
1945: US Pro: Second Round and QF: it say both Tilden b Kozeluh: Bowers wrote that Kozeluh tried to default
1945: Summer: US Navy 1 vs US Army 4(DC format): Riggs d. Budge 3 matches to 2 - Riggs d. Parker 3-2 - Budge d. Sabin 5-0 / Parker b. Sabin 3-2
1945: 69th Regiment Armory: NYC: Van Horn d. Nogrady and Sabin b Woods
1945: Late July: near Norfolk: Mulloy b Tilden and Tilden b. Schroeder
1945: Early in the year: War Bond Exos : New Jersey: Tilden b. Nogrady
1945: Forest Hills: held June 22-24: Richards. b. Marble 2 sets to 0 / Van Horn b. Nogrady 2 sets to 1
1945: US Pro: SF: Budge b. Tilden 6-0 6-1 and Riggs b. Perry 6-2 6-1; Final: Riggs d. Budge 9-11 6-3 6-2 6-0
1945: Santa Barbara: held Dec 27-30: Mako d. Tilden / Faunce b. Stoefen / Riggs d. Sabin / Final: Riggs d. Perry 3 sets to 1
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Page 189:

1946: Jan: LA, Pan Pacific Auditorium: Challenge match: Riggs b Budge 4-6 9-7 6-4 8-6
1946: Desert Champs: SF Perry d. Tilden in 3 sets
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1946: Santa Barbara: previous match: Faunce d. Stoefen
1946: Arizona State: Jack March b Harman and then Tilden
1946: Tucson Champs: Riggs held 8 match points before losing to Perry
1946: Miami Gold Cup: in SF, Tilden took a set from Kovacs

Page 190
1946: USA Tour: March 9? : Sabin vs. Faunce in preliminary match
1946: USA Tour: final score 24-22 Riggs over Budge confirmed by Tom LeCompte
1946: Richmond Champs: Budge d. Riggs 7-5 6-4 2-6 6-3 according to Sutter
1946: Philadelphia Pro: held July 4-8
1946: US Pro Champs: The winner Riggs won $2000 and the runner up Budge won $1300

Page 191
1946: British Pro: held Aug 12-17
1946: Slazenger: finished 27707 according to Sutter

Page 192
1946: Caribbean Tour: Pto. Rico, Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, British Guiana
1946-1947: Tour in South Africa, Portugal, England, Norway and Sweden: McCauley says held from Dec 46 to Jan 47; Tom LeCompte says series Riggs vs Budge 12-6 and tour held in Spring 1947.
1947: Wembley Series: finished Feb 14
1947: US Pro: finished March 23
1947: Buffalo Pro: finished April 23: in the final Kovacs b. Riggs 3 sets to 1
1947: Rochester and Troy: Riggs defaulted injured
1947: British Pro: finished Aug 17
1947: White Mountains: finished Aug 9
McCauley - corrections = 1946

I have some additional information clarifying dates of 1946 events listed on pages 189, 190 and 192.

In chronological order the events should appear as follows:

1. Santa Barbara ends 12/30/45
2. Palm Springs ends about 1/12/46
3. Tucson ends about 1/16
4. Phoenix ends about 1/20
5. Riggs-Budge match in LA was held on 1/22 (into early morning hours of 1/23)
6. Pasadena ends about 1/27
7. Omaha
8. Miami Gold Cup ends about 2/27
9. Riggs-Budge series begins in Chicago on 3/9 and ends in Dayton on or about 6/1
10. Palm Springs ends about 4/15
11. Beverly Hills ends about 4/28

I am unable to determine the exact or approximate dates of the other two tournaments listed as April: Phoenix (Kovacs d Earn) and Santa Barbara (Kovacs d Perry). Does anyone have additional details of the dates of those events?

San Francisco ends about 10/20

The Caribbean - Virgin Islands tour involved Kovacs, Perry, Rogers and Buxby and stared with events in Orlando on 10/20 and Miami on 10/21.
Tour left Miami on 10/23 and returned on 11/22.


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Very good info. I haven't read it till today when I have found it accidentally. Going through your remarks and those of Carlo and Andrew as you saying I find that I miss some events' info. I would be glad if you have it 10 years after. Wow, what a period!
Page 183:
1936: World Pro Champs, held Aug 10 or 11 to 18
I have read only that such an event was planned in Paris. But no info about players, scores and winner. Anything about?
1937: Deauville Pro, held July 25
I know only that Plaa def. Tilden in some rounds. But nothing else.
1938: Belgian Pro: held at Brussels, Oct 21-23, 4 man event
I have the following matches in RR but unfortunately without scores (Nusslein is the champion):
Nüsslein def Richards
Nüsslein def Ramillon
Nüsslein def Tilden 3-0 sets
Tilden def Richards
Tilden def Ramillon
Ramillon def Richards
Any scores?
1941: USA Tour: End of July: Perry b Tilden 20-3, Kozeluh vs Richards almost even
1941: St Louis: Aug 1-3, Perry split sets with Kozeluh and b Tilden and Richards; also in Aug Tilden b Perry at least twice; according to Bowers Kozeluh goes slightly ahead of Richards.
I don't know anything about 1941 St. Louis and USA tour. Any info?