Could my grommets be breaking my strings?

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I've been using a Wilson Steam 99 for awhile now, and the strings seem to break on it at least twice as frequently as on my other rackets (with the same strings and same tensions).

Is it possible the grommets, which seem sort of strained in it, are causing the strings to break faster than normal?

Or do some rackets just break strings more frequently than others?


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Yes to both questions, but the probable cause for your string breakage is the very open 16x15 pattern.


To explain, if strings break at grommet, then it could be shanks. If they break in the middle, then it may be you or the string-you're not doing anything wrong, it's the pattern. if it breaks inside the grommet or outside, then it is time to replace the grommet.

addendum: Steam 99 or Steam 99S?
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Thanks for the responses... They have been breaking in the middle, not near the grommets, so I bet it's just the pattern/racket.


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i've seen plenty of bad grommets breaking strings, its a 5 dollar investment, if you think that the issue it probably is worth changing it.


Bad grommets would not break strings in the center of the racquet. You are either just starting to hit harder and so the strings are breaking faster, or it could also be bad quality on the string.