Could Nadal be the


Hall of Fame
next Serena Williams? Constant complaining and excuses for losing. In addition, he takes forever between points.
Hope he is not, but his interview left a lot to be desired. All we need is a male whining with lame excuses like Serena, and most of us will just turn it off.

He is a great player, but with all this whining someone should give him some cheese to go with that whine. Federer even on a bad day is a much better player than Nadal, guess why Nadal is in the mid 20's in rankings.

Couple of years and things might change, but for now get rid of the excuses, you were beaten just like Hewitt beat you at the Australian!


Hall of Fame
Barry you are being harsh on the kid, maybe we should get the stats out and compare Nadal with hewitt and federer at 18.
I think it might change by next year. not that i like it but its inevitable. nadel is like a sun of tomorrow. he will shine. weather we want to see tomorrow or not. no?