Could this be a faulty clamp?


I have noticed this after couple months into stringing with the new Gamma X-ELS. It only happens when i string the crosses, after pull the tension and clamp and let go the tension, the clamp seems to move upwards a bit, creating some gap between the frame and the clamp, I noticed this was little worse before tightened the clamps so that they grip the string well. I have attached pics and video (hopefully it uploads) - please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here. Thanks


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You’re angling the clamp. It’s not parallel to the string path. So the tension is causing the clamp to twist.


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You're clamping in the right place and you clamp the string then the base but as you clamp the base you are pushig the base toward the head of the racket in the video. thats causing the clamp to twist upward.


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aside from the advise above
I would also look into cleaning the "clamp rails", before and/or after stringing
you might need to also thighten the base clamp screws, needs to be done periodically as well
all of these can cause that small slippage your seeing,
more so overtime if you don't maintain your machine


essentially, Yes it is normal. But there are ways to minimize it, some are stated above.

You can "pre-load"/position the baseclamp to minimize/eliminate that.
Trying to get the baseclamp in line with the line of pull helps alot, but
(not sure i can explain) you can load the clamp when clamping so that doesn't happen
(or at least it is very minimal). You'll figure it out over time.

Nonetheless, it will always happen to some extent from time to time.


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Thanks you, @Irvin I will give that a shot.
Let me help explain what I think is happening. You move your clamp and clamp the string. As you lock the base you're shifting the so the base of the clamp get preloaded and applies pressure to the top (clamp.) Try to make sure you base does not move as you lock it. As @1HBHfanatic cleaning and adjustment are always important.

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When clamping a just tensioned string always clamp the string clamp first, then make sure the base clamp is centered and in line with the string clamp, then clamp the base clamp. When releasing the tensioned string release the base clamp first, then release the string clamp. Remember the down, & bottom up when using the clamps