Courier's interview!


Short interview with Jim Courier where he talks about:

1. - this year's wimbledon
2. - the short grass season
3. - evolution of players and equipments
4. - what Nadal needs to become one of the true greats
5. - Fed's best chance to be number 1 again is with Rafa being injured
6. - Disagrees with Mcenroe, and believes Federer has the edge over Nadal on this surface.

I don't agree with no.5. I believe Federer is more than capable of reclaiming his no.1 ranking even if Rafa does not get injured. There are a handful of players capable of beating Rafa on cement.

Even if I'm a Rafa fan, Federer really is the better player on grass and he is the favorite to win. But I hope Nadal wins it.

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