Cracked Wilson PS Midsize: Try to Repair, or Hang it Up?

I have here an old Prostaff Midsize that has a crack on the inner hoop. I have no idea how I've acquired it, but it has been sitting in my tennis bag for the past 7 to 8 years. I do remember having both Prostaff Original and 6.1 in 110 head version, but can't seem to locate them... I've moved many times for the past 10 years and probably lost them... Anyway, I've never hit with this midsize and it has always been unstrung bc of the crack. I'm thinking about repairing the crack. My question is, is it possible to fix the crack and make the racquet playable again? The crack is on the inner hoop at around 1 o'clock position. The crack runs through 3 sides (both faces + inner), leaving the outer side intact. I can't make the crack flex by hand, but I do think if I string it, the crack will get wider bc of the tension put on the hoop. I'm thinking about dremeling a deep groove down the crack line and fill it with golf epoxy, then maybe put a layer of fiberglass fabric and more epoxy. Is the inside of the hoop hollow or solid? Anyone have better idea of repairing the crack? How do the profesionals do it? Or should I just give in to the fact that it's beyond repair and just hang it up on the wall? Is it better to keep it in original shape with a crack, or in play/non-playable repaired shape?

By the way, the PS has red specs around the gromet holes, and KYO(Q) engraved on the buttcap. I'm pretty sure it's an SV model, but would like someone to confirm. Thanks.


pics would help in this case. My gut feeling is that it'd be dangerous to try to repair a cracked racquet and string it, and that it's probably not worth the effort and risk. But maybe pics would change my mind.


I came across post on one of these TT threads about a company who fixes cracked frames, I'll start looking and see if I can find it again!