Cramping arms/left arm on my 2HB!

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    Whats wrong with my 2HB?! :?

    I have no problems with 1HB. The ball flies easily, just like my forehand. But when I use my left arm for a 2HB, it feels cramp and I got no hit on the ball at all. My left arm is cramping and my balls is landing all the time in the servicebox. I feel so weak in my arms on 2HB, but not on my 1HB.

    Whats wrong with my left arm? Do I have to change my takeback with a loop instead of a straight takeback or whats the problem????! What should I do to feel power in my arms, just like on my forehand and 1HB?

    THNX for your answers!
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    No change needed in your backswing. So long as you are using the smile pattern.

    The swing for the twohander begins with your stance. Make sure you aren't using a stance that blocks your hips like the closed stance does.

    Ensure that you get a good shoulder turn (front shoudler to chin on the backswing and back shoulder to chin on the forward swing).

    Make sure you keep your arms loose. Do not death grip your hands on the handle. Keep them reasonably soft but in control of the racquet head.

    Make sure you are rotating and making contact at the right spot for your grip combination.

    Do not put your front foot out parallel to the net. That will choke your swing. Instead angle it toward the net post.

    Make sure you extend through your shot and followthrough.
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