Creaking when pulling tension

I strung a tennis racquet for the first time this weekend and I was a bit surprised by the amount of creaking noise the racquet made when I was pulling tension.
The racquet is a 6.1 95 16x18 last iteration. The string is a Gamma synthetic pulled at 58 pounds. The machine is a dropweight 6-point old Gamma Progression 600fc. I used ATW Universal for a one-piece stringing as shown here:

I found this video where you can hear similar creaking sounds:
Is this creaking normal, or am I doing something wrong with the mounting?
I use to string on a friend's Gamma Progression II ES and it creaked like that. It's the machine, not the racquet. I didn't feel like it was adversely affecting anything. I now have the same setup as that second video (new Progression II + Wise) and I have no creaking while stringing the same or any other racquet. It seems like it was an issue with the older Progression machines.
After you mount the frame, grab the handle and try wiggling the frame. If it moves easily, then it is too loose. It should take a little effort to move the frame. 3¢