Create the TW volley Frankenstien


Here's mine;
Sampras (or maybe Edberg) head - for approach or technique;
Cash's feet and legs - for movement;
McEnroe's hands - The best touch (and worst form, for a net freak) in tennis.


nViATi said:
what about a swinging volleyer who hits with federer strokes ;)
While it's an effective shot, I'm not a big fan of the swinging volley. It's power at the net, same as power at the baseline. It's more groundstroke than volley.


LudaKrisKG said:
you have to add federers power to manipulate time
is he ever rushed into a shot?
I'll take that for my whole game. It is amazing how he never seems uncomfortable or out of step on the court. Always completely in control.

Jack the Hack

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156MPHserve said:
Fed undboutedly has the best half volley though...
No doubt that Federer has the best half volley on tour right now. However, I think McEnroe's half volley may have been the best in the Open era... especially considering he never bent down to pick them up, yet still could make a deft angle, perfect drop, or deep approach at will with the shot.


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Man, he gets hurt and already his name's forgotten despite being the best volleyer of all the current, active pros. Tim Henman.


How about sheer 'will to volley': I'd have to give it to Lendl circa 86-87...the guy s&v'ed on everything at Wimby, completely changed his game!
Becker should be mentioned with Rafter fo tenacity at the net.


I agree, for someone "allergic to grass" he worked his butt off to play a serve/volley game at Wimbledon. But as much as he worked at it, he never mastered it. He never looked completely comfortable at net.
For will to volley, I would present Paul Annacone. He simply did nothing but serve/volley. Slice return and volley. He lived at the net. But that was because he couldn't win at the baseline if his life depended on it.