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Hi, I am using creatine now(just started yesterday) and I have heard that you are suppose to take 10 grams twice a day during the loading phase and then 5 twice a day after that but on the creatine container that I have it says to take 45 g(one scoop). Is this correct? Cuz there is alot of difference between taking 10 and 45 grams. Which one should I listen to? Also for those of you who have taken creatine how has it worked? Did it actually make your muscles bigger like it claims?


chad shaver

It did work for me, but I'm not sure that the benefits are worth some of the problems. Make sure you drink PLENTY of water, so that the creatine doesn't give you an upset stomach or cause cramping (I would even get cramps in my FEET).

Remember that creatine makes your muscles retain water, so in hot weather, you may not sweat like you should to cool your body properly. The body has been known to become dependent upon the creatine supplements to "remind" it to retain water, so stopping could also cause some problems, in that your body could begin to sweat and then "dump" a lot of water from your body at once, causing cramping and illness. You're going to want to know where I heard this; it was in an article in Tennis Magazine several years ago when the creatine craze had hit full-force. Mark Woodforde and Mary Pierce were some of the pro's discussed in the article as having taken creatine.

Whatever you choose to do, be careful.


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Creatine makes your muscles retain water, period. This helps with explosive strength exercises like weight lifting. It does nothing for cardio performance. As chad shaver stated it can cause serious side effects, particularly cramping which can really mess up your tennis game. There are no documented benefits of creatine for tennis players. Save your money.

Craig Sheppard

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Yeah really, this was one of the biggest fads of the late 90s... by 2000 or so, you never heard about it anymore. Think everyone realized the risks far outweighed the benefits. I don't see why a tennis player would want this anyway, you don't want to bulk up, and you certainly don't want to be carrying around any extra weight on the courts. Put it on a shelf and keep it there... IMO


I think creatine is awesome (I'll get to the negatives soon) for:
1.) Temporarily Building muscle (unless your body type is already bulky, you're not going to get huge).
2.) Increasing strength
3.) Increasing muscle endurance
4.) Increasing energy
5.) Psychological boost may get you into the gym. If you don't lift, it won't do anything.

NOW, for the negatives:
1.) If abused, like everything else, it can cause negative affects which are not all understood at this time.
2.) If you stop, you lose muscle mass quickly (due to retained water when on the substance)
3.) I got a bit of a gut once I stopped. Horrible.
4.) Who the Hell knows what harm this can cause if used long-term

While it sounds like I may be endorsing the substance, I will NEVER use again because of the side effects. It's really a short-term fix and your body will return to its natural form once you stop. Consequently, like others have said, AVOID taking. A better option would be to get a committed work out partner and work hard in the gym. Remember, just about everything meaningful in life requires hard work and persistence. Creatine is a quick, temporary fix that could be dangerous.