Cringe level 10.....


It's the social media content creation era. Even Djo has embraced it, from what I've seen this year.

Also allows for the newbies to see old legends actually living and breathing and talking rather than just viewing a name on a Wikipedia article (and deciding they were a mug, most likely).


Hey, my guy has been No1 for more weeks than anybody - ever, so hearing all these legends talking about how amazing that achievement is should only compliment his achievent . I still think it is cringe if you are doing this on a selective bases and do not do it for every No1 (Alcaraz and Meddy say hi)... What is so special about Sinner?

So, if they want to start something new , it is unacceptable ??

Man, you are just butthurt Novak lost his throne to Sinner
So you searched for "weeks" and posted the results. Have you even read any of the posts. You are missing the point of the OP but I am not surprised. Again, this has nothing to do with Djokovic...
Yes it does lol you‘re not fooling anybody.


I know a few Ultronians that could use that upgrade :alien:
So angry.. Grrr... LOL