Crisp feeling poly with max playability duration and spin?


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My first criteria for choosing strings is playability duration and then spin. This criteria led me to a full bed of Ashaway Kevlar 18g @40lbs in terms of feel and spin; I love seeing the fuzz in the air after ripping a forehand. But yeah had wrist and elbow discomfort and cut it out. Went back to my old strings (Volkl Cyclone 18L @52lbs) but meh felt mushy. People say kevlar feels boardy / dead, I think it feels super crisp and it's pretty addicting. Found my holy grail by hybriding Kevlar 40lbs / Luxilon gut 50lbs, really liked this combo, no discomfort normally but noticed discomfort when hitting against big hitters so I cut it out. Liked this combo so much that I tried buying a Prince Phantom to use these strings but somehow that was worse than my Pure Strike. Back to square one.

My criteria are:
1) playability duration
2) spin
3) crisp feel / not mushy, but not too jarring when hit off center
Kinda looking for polys, because multis/syn gut spin is such a big drop from polys and stiffness shouldn't matter too much since everything will be softer coming from kevlar.

I looked through a lot of existing threads + TWU + reviews and found some strings that look promising:
-Luxilon 4G soft
-Yonex Poly Pro Tour Yellow
-WC Mosquito Bite
-WC Silverstring
-Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough
-Gosen AK Control (i know this isnt a poly..but TWU stats look pretty darn good)

Can you guys help me compare any of these with one another? Couldn't find much comparison data. Trying to choose 1-2 promising strings and try them out. Other recommendations that are not on the list, or crossing out strings already on my list would be helpful as well.

Thanks all :)
WC silverstring is kind of crispy but not really. Also it's not spin friendly at all. It's very comfortable and it has very good control though. Playability is good for around 6-8 hours for me.

I am very curious about Gosen AK control myself and will try it in a couple of weeks.

I think a string that will satisfy all three is Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution.
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Found my holy grail by hybriding Kevlar 40lbs / Luxilon gut 50lbs

My go to strings are prestretched Ashaway Kevlar 16 x prestretched Zyex Pro 17, 65/59lbs and Solinco Outlast 16 x Prince Syn Gut w/Duralast 16 at 58/65lbs, but I prefer hitting with POG OS 4-stripe when feeling my age, when feeling 10 yrs younger POG 90. With these rackets I never get arm issues. When I want a crisper feel I go the poly x syn gut, when I want a plush feel I go to the Ash Kev x Zyex.
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I just bought a couple of reels of pro super blue gear and it's nice and crisp. Tension maintenance is alright, not bad. On sale for $40 a reel too.


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The sting you are describing is Luxilon 4G shaped. However, I get weird launch angles with it that take a bit to get used to.

I think the poly you tried was too thin. Try a shaped poly in a thicker gauge. I LOVE Vokl Cycle at 16g at 45 to 50lbs. Much crisper than what you would feel with 18g. Solinco Tour Bite 16L is crisp. Same with Black Code 4S.

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