Cross strings for OS Switching


For A Liq Metal OS Radical
What I have:

Reel of (for mains)
CF Topspin 17ga
PPolar 17ga

Pkgs (for X) on delivery
Head Rip Control 17ga
Yonex 850 Pro Spin 16ga

For the X this will be replacements for the higher priced
X1 Biphase – VERY GOOD! (fray /breaks very fast before the mains do)
Asterisk Gamma – VERY GOOD (mushier feel compared to X1) (seems more durable)
****forgot the gauges*** for these

Am I headed in the right direction? Will save me $$$ to switch to HEAD and YONEX which I haven’t tried yet but read good stuff about em….

Xtra info
BEST SETUP ive tried:
BDE GUT as crosses (17ga)
Luxilon as Mains (16 ga)
57 lbs each