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anybody out there wear cross training sneakers for playing tennis? they closed our only tennis shop and no one sells tennis shoes here. i can find plenty of cross training shoes however. lol yeah, i know i can find anything online,but it would be nice to be able to try on a pair of tennis shoes before ordering them.


Sporting goods stores usually have a selection of tennis specific shoes. Though most seem to be low to mid end.


The online route is not a bad option. You have far greater selection, and most reputable places have easy return policies.

If you must shop locally, I'd look at a pair of basketball shoes. They usually have better lateral stability than cross trainers and they have flat soles, which not all cross trainers have.


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Cross-training shoes are essentially tennis shoes without the cushioning. They are now made with very low heels (for lifting) and good grip (on hard court surfaces). I agree with Ramon in that basketball shoes are also a good alternative.

I have played in the Reebok Nano 5's on the court and they were perfectly comfortable. Only draw back is they aren't as durable in the areas you always need them to be (if you're a toe-dragger or slide laterally).

but for a simple hit on the court, crossfit shoes are fine!

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The biggest issue in my opinion with cross training shoes is they don't offer the same stability (or durability) that tennis shoes can offer. We are seeing tennis shoes go more minimalist, however there is something to be said for some support and stability on the court. I wear Metcons (and sometimes Free TRs) in the gym but personally would never wear them on the court.

Know that when ordering from TW, we do offer free returns on shoes that have not been used -- so we encourage you to get them, try them on and wear them around on carpet to see if they work for you. If not, you can send them back and we'll help you get into a shoe that fits better or is better suited for your needs.

Hope that helps!

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