Crosses that reduce power...


My racket is a Wilson K95 16x18 and I use a hybrid of Luxilon BB Alu rough (mains) and Babolat Tonic (crosses). Tension 56-58 (mains) and 54-56 (crosses) - depending on the surface.

I'm looking for some crosses that reduce power. I cannot use everything though. Luxilon moved too much on some other crosses I've tried and I don't really want my strings to move at all...

By the way, I tried a tension of 60+ but that didn't really work. It sounds weird, but my topspin shots sailed even more with a higher tension.

I don't have an NTRP-rating. We don't have something like that over here. But I've beaten american players lately who claimed to be 5.0+ players.

Thanks for any help :)


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I've tried a ton of poly strings from the low end to the high end. I found Tecnifibre Polyspin in crosses lock incredibly tight to my natural gut hybrids and is very economical to use. I have found the stiffer poly strings are better for non movement. The softer ones tend to move a bit more. Kirschbaum Honey had very very little movement as well.


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Truthfully, it sounds like a technique problem.

You could try a less powerful racquet, change your technique or go full poly if your elbow can handle it.

Perhaps, you're simply trying to hit the ball too hard.

Poly mains and gut crosses should feel pretty dead/muted... yet more comfortable than full poly.

You may also want to try kevlar mains and SG crosses. This would be my primary suggestion if you're just interested in changing to less powerful strings.