curious handle foam?


just wanted to know what type of foam do they use in a wilson k90?

also anyone know what foam they use in a pro stock head prestige mid (tgk237.1)

just curious as i really love the feel on the silicone in my head, might (if possible) try and buy some silicone and put it in my k90 handle? but how would i remove the foam in k90???

ive tried lead tape to add weight ,keeps falling off
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im assuming that this thread does seem dodgy, due to fake rackets, but i can assure you, just ckeck out my posts/threads.


Foam comes in several densities. What you want is something inside the handle of your racquet. If so, use the lightest density foam you can obtain. If it's for the outside of your racquet handle, then you need the densest foam you can obtain. Density equals durability if used for handles. BTW, I am talking about the ones you can get at Home Depot or any other large hardware store.