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What is the reason?

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  1. Current crop of S&Vers such as Tim Henman are just not good enough

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  2. Court surfaces do not favor S&Vers any more

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  3. Contemporary racket technology has enabled baseliners to dominate

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  4. There are no strong role models for S&Vers, so nobody likes it. Federer is not a model for S&Vers.

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  1. tennis_hand

    tennis_hand Hall of Fame

    Jul 28, 2006
    Are they just not good enough or the S&V is no longer working?
    Please vote.
  2. laurie

    laurie Guest

    I haven't voted because there is no 1 definitive reason for lack of serve and volleyers. Its a combination of those reasons and other reasons as well.

    You have to be athletic and have a strong mind/willpower to do it. You also have to be talented and not be prepared to be in a comfort zone of baseline all the time because it's a high risk play.

    In the recent past (1990s), serve volleyers were all court players who modelled their strengths around serving and volleying. They grew up in the 1970s and 1980s and learned the right technique of all types of play.

    Conseqently, a match between Sampras and Becker, Sampras and Edberg on a hardcourt also had some baseline rallies, players staying back on second serve occasionally, sometimes often, high quality passing shots etc. Edberg was known for his backhand, Sampras was known for his forehand, Becker and Phillipousis were known for their big groundgame, Stich was known for his classical style etc. Even Rafter and Krajicek had decent groundstrokes to keep them in points until they had an opening to attack. Only Rusedski of that era had a seriously lacking ground game. Goran and Todd Martin adapted their games to grass and hardcourt accordingly because of the double hander.

    Today, Max Myrni and Taylor Dent have terrible groundgames and cannot stay in a point, therefore have no choice but to chip and charge all the time. Thats never going to work on a consistent basis.

    I think tennis needs to produce more all court players with one handed backhands. In the women's game we have Henin Hardenne and Mauresmo, who are both capable of changing their strategy during a match to volley more when required because they learned the right technique, they aquired a fundamentally sound baseline game and good volleying skills.

    A good serve and volleyer needs to have a fundamentally sound baseline game.
  3. swedechris

    swedechris Banned

    Dec 3, 2004
    johansson vs nadal indoors

    last night it worked..
    johansson went to the net at every chance .. especailly when having served out wide with heavy slice to nadal 2handed backhand and then he cleaned up at the net with great success.. :)
  4. Fedexeon

    Fedexeon Hall of Fame

    Mar 28, 2006
    Andy Roddick's serve is good enough for him to become a serve and volley player however his net game and volley skills are not. It all depends, if Connors is able to turn Roddick into a better volleyer, we may have another good serve and volley player in tour.
  5. FiveO

    FiveO Hall of Fame

    Feb 18, 2005
    Add to the list

    1) overall slowing of surfaces
    2) the increased use of slower balls to counter technological "advances" of racquets and strings
    3) how junior development has become incredibly homogenized worldwide to almost totally exclude transition and net play, let alone serve and volley (IMO the single biggest reason for it's demise).

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